Bio-Polyamide, Specialty Polyamide and Precursors Market to Grow in the Coming Years

Undecanoic acid and sebacic acid derived from castor oil areamong the most dominant raw materials used in the production of bio based polyamide. Owing to the eco logical benefits, bio based polyamides are gaining acceptance and are anticipated to be the … Continue reading

Arkema Launches Polyamide Processed from Castor Oil

Arkema has launched a new biosourced polyamide 6.10 range called Rilan S, partially processed from castor oil. The polyamide has been manufactured at Arkema’s Zhangjiagang facility in China Rilan S is an alternative to long-chain polyamides and PA6/PA6.6; it closes … Continue reading

Castor Oil Polyamide Biopolymer – An Emerging Application of Castor Oil – Part II

Biopolymers are an emerging application of castor oil and its derivatives. These biopolymers include castor based polyamides and castor based polyurethanes. (see also: Castor Oil Polyamide Biopolymer – Part I) The world polyamide market size is over $25 billion. Some … Continue reading

Royal DSM’s Develops Crankshaft Cover from Castor Polyamides

In September 2013, Royal DSM, together with its automotive component specialist partner KACO, has developed a lightweight multi-functional crankshaft cover in EcoPaXX, DSM’s bio-based polyamide 410, for the latest generation of diesel engines developed by the Volkswagen Group. EcoPaXX, a bio-based, high-performance long-chain … Continue reading

Bio-Polyamides: Where Do They Come From?

Article retrieved from Bio-polyamides have been available commercially since the first half of the 20thCentury, when Rilsan®11 was first introduced. Since then, other partly or fully bio-sourced polyamides have been commercialized for a range of applications. This blog post explains how … Continue reading

ARKEMA and Addiplast Joins to Develop New Polyamide Compounds

As the world’s sole chemicals manufacturer to offer the entire long chain polyamides range, polyamide 12 as well as biosourced polyamides PA11and PA10 derived from castor oil, Arkema is the leading player in the production of specialty polyamides. Addiplast has emerged both in France and in … Continue reading

Tierra Introduces New 100% Bio-based Jacket

Tierra, a Swedish outdoor apparel brand, committed to sustainability and lowering environmental impact, is introducing its new Deterra Jacket, a technical jacket that is fully free from fossil based material and uses exclusively bio-based elements. The exterior fabric is made with Evo by … Continue reading