Solubility Assessment of Castor (Ricinus communis L) Oil in Supercritical CO2 at Different Temperatures and Pressures under Dynamic Conditions

Scientists from Malaysia performed an experiment to determine the solubility of castor oil by using supercritical carbon dioxide as extractiCastor oilng solvent.  A simple dynamic technique was used to obtain the solubility of castor oil in super critical carbon dioxide.  Five semi-empirical models were tested for their ability to correlate the experimental data.

Results showed that the test models used correlated the castor oil solubility data with the lowest average absolute relative deviation percentage (AARD %).


Castor Seed Price Weekly Report: Jun 08 – 12, 2015 brings you the weekly report of castor seed price at NCDEX.

Check out the table and the graphical data.

An increase in the price of castor seed was observed at the end of the week.

Price Date Rupees Per Quintal
08 June 3981.25
09 June 3990.7
10 June 4041.15
11 June 4025
12 June 4100

Castor Seed Price Weekly Report: Jun 08 – 12, 2015


Bio-Based Branched Polymer Bearing Castor Oil Core as a Nucleating Agent for Poly(L -Lactic Acid)

Researchers from Japan performed an experiment to analyze the change in characteristics of PLLA by introducing a biobased branched polymer bearing castor oil core as a nucleating agent.  The Biobased polymer bearing castor oiPoly l-lactic acidl core was synthesized. The nucleating effect of the branched polymer on the crystallization of PLLA was analyzed using differential scanning calorimetry and a polarized optical microscopy.

Results showed that by the addition of the branched polymer, the spherulite size of PLLA became smaller and the strain at break of PLLA containing the branched polymer was improved.


Influence of NCO/OH and Transesterified Castor Oil on the Structure and Properties of Polyurethane: Synthesis and Characterization

Scientists conducted an experiment to analyze the influence of isocyanate, hydroxyl groups and transesterified castor oil on the structure and properties of polyurethane. castor oil polyurethane Polyurethane was synthesized using transesterified castor oil and partially Biobased isocyanate with varying concentrations of isocyanate and hydroxyl groups.

The chemical and mechanical properties, thermal stability of polyurethanes were analyzed. Results showed that NCO/OH molar ratio had profound effect on the tensile properties and modulus of polyurethanes.