Castor Oil and Seed Prices

Castor Seed, Oil & Meal Prices (US$/MT) – Dec 2017

18 thoughts on “Castor Oil and Seed Prices

  1. we are interested in purchasing castor oil, and would like to know how much you have available and what are your best prices and conditions.

    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you


  2. Do you have data relating to the global prices of castor oil and its seed for the last 10 years? Also, is there a source for the latest information relating to demand and supply of the oil on a country by country basis?
    If you do, I would like to get this information.

  3. Dear Sir.

    i am very thank full Detail information for Castor .
    I start a mini plant in Gujart, Vadodara in short time.


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