Castor Oil-Sebacic Acid Polyanhydrides for Controlled Release of Drugs

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, have synthesised aie-2014-00679u_0007 family of high molecular weight castor oil based biodegradable polyanhydrides by a catalyst-free melt-condensation reaction between prepolymers of castor oil and sebacic acid. Sebacic acid is found to increase the crystallinity of the polymer. Water wettability and ductility decreased while strength of the polymer sharply increased with increase in SA content. Invitro hydrolytic degradation studies indicated surface-eroding behaviour. The degradation products also found to have minimal cytotoxic effects. Thus, a CO-SA polyanhydrides can be characterized for controlled release of drugs, by modulation of physical, mechanical and degradation kinetics.