Marginal Recovery in Future Trading on 27 Aug, 2014

As speculators enlarged positions at existing lower levels amidst firming spot markets, a marginal recovery in the castor prices was observed on 27 August, 2014.

The table below shows the future trading prices on 27 August, 2014 at the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange.




Final price

Rs per quintal

First contract September

Rs 11 or 0.26 %


Second contracts October

Rs 12 or 0.28 %



Water- Containing Castor Oil/ Diesel Microemulsion- A Potential Green Fuel

Microemulsion technique is employed to reduce the viscosity of vegetable oils, which is  used as the source of renewable fuels. A recent study is conducted by Ren zhu et al., on the phase behavior of microemulsion and the solubilization mechanism of water and castor oil, in order to evaluate the solubilization capacity of water and castor oil in diesel under given conditions. The proper concentration of rhamnolipid (RL) was 50 g/L. N-octanol was certified as an ideal cosurfactant with the optimal cosurfactant/surfactant (C/S) mass ratio (w/w) of 0.60. The optimum castor oil/diesel (V/D) volume ratio (v/v) was 0.18. Moreover, fuel properties of water-containing castor oil/diesel (WCD) microemulsion were identified. The thermal and storage stability of WCD microemulsion were also conducted. Compared with castor oil, WCD microemulsion has lower viscosity, which presents similar fuel characteristics as diesel.

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Castor Seed to Decline in the Near Term

Recovery in the kharif and weak export demand of castor seeds seems to push down castor seed prices in the near future term. The solvent extractors’ association has reported a 4% decrease, in the overall export of oilmeals during July 2014, when compared with the previous year’s report.

The NCDEX Castor seed September futures decline 0.07% to close at Rs. 4213 per quintal. The decline of NCDEX futures on open interest of 0.07% seems to profit the traders.


Therapeutic Advantages of Castor oil


sağlıklı-saçlar-için-hint-yağı-250x300Despite having anti- bacterial, medicinal and therapeutical values, castor oil can enhance the production of white blood cells and fights infection. It increases T-11 lymphocyte count within hours of application. This initiates body to produce antibodies that fight against viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancer cells.

Oral consumption of castor oil is advised for pregnant woman, facilitating uterus contraction, in order to induce labour. The Ricinoleic acid activates EP3 prostanoid receptor in uterus, thus helping in delivery.

Castor oil is also effective in dissolving the cysts and corns, when applied with baking soda on the infected area. The fatty acid in the castor oil, being easily absorbed by the body, makes it efficient in dissolving ovarian cysts.

Castor oil is a laxative and allows proper bowel movement, thus helping digestion and cleansing of digestive system. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil plays a vital role in the cleansing process.

Massaging with castor oil followed by placing a hot water bag on the area is an excellent treatment for arthritis. Repeating twice a week produces progressive results. The anti- inflammatory property makes it effective in relieving joint pains, nerve inflammation and sore muscles.


Export Demand Lift Castor Price

Higher demand and speculative buying lifted castor prices in the spot market on August 6, 2014

On the National Commodity and Derivative Exchange:

August contract gained Rs. 54 to Rs. 4, 242

Future September contract gained Rs. 43 to Rs. 4, 256

On the Rajkot Commodity Exchange (RCX):

September contract gained Rs, 32 to Rs. 4, 298

RCX Spot castor was up by Rs. 12.50 to Rs. 4, 037


Delayed Monsoon Increases Castor Sowing Area by 10- 15%

Delayed monsoon and insufficient rainfall encourage the farmers to shift to castor seed from other crops. Sowing of castor is likely to increase during mid- August. Many of the groundnut farmers have preferred castor seed due to the fear of crop failure owing to insufficient rainfall and delayed onset of monsoon. Therefore the castor sowing area is expected to increase by 10- 15%, than the nominal figure. At present, the castor seed price range between Rs.805- 835 per 20kg, while the year before, it was ruling between Rs. 650- 750 per 20kg. According the Solvent Extract Association data, India’s export of castor oil during April to June 2014 has decreased by 6,529 tonnes, on comparison with the export during the same time in 2013.