Healing Therapies with Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil Packs increase the blood flow and reduces inflammation. The healing is caused by the influx of so many powerful red blood cells to the area where the pack is applied. Castor oil Packs are beneficial for several issues such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, leaky gut, irritable bowel, etc. Application of castor oil is a process of detoxification; it is effective to apply the Castor oil Packs over the uterus and ovaries, in case of infertility and pelvic pain.

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Arkema Launches Oleris, a Castor Based Product For the Cosmetics Market

Arkema draws on the benefits of its Orgasol® and Rilsan® cosmetics powders to develop skincare products for men, unveiled for the first time at the In Cosmetics trade fair held recently in Paris (Porte de Versailles). This tradeshow also provided an opportunity to share the findings of a clinical trial that demonstrates the moisturizing benefits of the Orgasol® Hydra+ powder in a new healthy glow extra-soft powder formulation, and the latest innovations in its Orgasol® and Rilsan® fine powder ranges, in an approach that perfectly integrates the Group’s CSR strategy. Also Oleris®, a vegetable oil origin range of chemicals, processed from castor oil, used in many cosmetic applications, were also presented.


Oleris® Methyl Undecylenate and Oleris® Undecylenic Acid find interesting applications, through their derivatives in cosmetics applications like hair care, deodorant, beauty creams, etc.New in 2013 : Oleris® Undecylenic acid and Oleris® Methyl Undecylenate are both compliant with the raw materials standard that can be used in the formulation of cosmetics certified according to the Natural and Organic ECOCERT standard.

This year also, Oleris® family is enhanced with Oleris® Sebacic acid, synthesis intermediate for sebacates esters can find interesting applications in cosmetics as emollients, masking agent, film forming agent, hair or skin conditioning agent, SPF Booster, etc.

Rajkot Castor Seed Future Close on July 24, 2014

The speculative buying has rescued the castor seed future September contract from its early loss.

Castor seed ready price- Rs.4, 000 per quintal

Previous close- Rs.4, 012.50 per quintal

Castor seed futures per 100 Kilograms in Rajkot market, September contract

Open     4, 205

High      4, 224

Low       4, 161

Close     4, 216

Source: Reuters

Rajkot Castor Seed Future September Contract on July 23, 2014

Castor seed future September contract were down due to selling pressure from bear operators. However, fresh demand and some inquiries in castor oil improved the spot prices.

Castor seeds ready price quoted at Rs. 4, 012 per quintal.

Castor seed futures per 100 Kilograms in Rajkot market, September contract

Open     4, 291

High      4, 307

Low       4, 199

Close     4, 216

The price improved at the start of the day, but did not sustain due to profit bookings.  Hence the castor seed September contract declined by Rs. 4, 216.

At Gujarat and Saurashtra, the prices improved from Rs. 800- 810 and Rs. 775- 785 for 20kg.

Source: Reuters, The Hindu- Business Line