Castor Oil Biodiesel–Diesel Blends for Compression Ignition Engine

Researchers performed an experiment where castor oil, ethyl ester were prepared by castor-oil-800067transesterification using potassium hydroxide (KOH) as a catalyst and tested on a four-stroke, single-cylinder compression ignition engine. The test was carried out at a constant speed of 3000 rpm at different loads.

The results represent a substantial decrease in carbon monoxide (CO) emission with an increasing biodiesel percentage.


Castor Oil Based Drug Delivery Systems

Levosulpiride (LSP) is a hydrophobic benzamide derivative used in the treatment of schizophrenia. In order to enhance the drug absorption and bioavailability, castor-oil-800067scientists from India did a research to formulate castor oil based globule.

Results showed that at a certain ratio of castor oil, polyethylene glycol and Tween 20, the formulation had shown uniform globule size, no interactions of LSP with Self Nano Emulsifying Drug Delivery System components and a higher pharmacokinetic parameter than that of commercial preparation.


Ricinoleic Acid Based Electrospun Fibres

Ricinoleic acid, derived from castor oil has an anti-inflammatory action following topical application. However ricinoleic acid goes rancid when it is exposed to oxygen.  ricinoleic-acid-61245Hence scientists from Egypt performed an experiment to encapsulate ricinoleic acid into ethyl cellulose (EC) electrospun fibres.  Electrospinning parameters of EC were optimized to obtain bead-free fibres.

RA at different concentrations was encapsulated into EC fibres. Release profile was reported and encapsulation was demonstrated via morphological analysis.


New Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Castor Oil

Scientists from Brazil performed an experiment to optimize and investigate the biodiesel production from castor oil using microwave-assisted hybrid transesterfication process under various conditions such as microwave power, treatment time, ethanol:oil ratio and catalyst concentration (KOH).

Results showed that under optimal conditions the predicted biodiesel production was found to be 95% with a desirability value of 0.998.