Fulgar’s sustainable products gain momentum in Europe & US

Fulgar and its eco-sustainable products are atttracting the interest of cutting edge brands in the US and Northern Europe. The main factors behind its success are a well-planned green programme, strictly-regulated certification, and the development of specialities that combine performance and sustainability. Fulgar is a leader in the man-made fibre market.Logo_FULGAR

Fulgar’s commitment in this area has led to the development of eco-sustainable products that are fast becoming best-sellers. Two examples are EVO, a bio-based yarn made from castor oil, and Q-NOVA, a yarn developed exclusively from regenerated raw materials.


Sebacic Oman plans to build $250m bio-based nylon project in Duqm

Sebacic Oman SAOC plans to build a bio-based nylon project as forward integration of its soon-to-be-commissioned sebacic acid project in the Duqm free zone.biobased nylon

The 10,000 tonne per annum-capacity project, which is expected to produce two grades of bio-nylon (nylon 6-10 and nylon 10-10), will have an estimated capital expenditure of $250 million.


Bio-Polyamide, Specialty Polyamide and Precursors Market to Grow in the Coming Years

Undecanoic acid and sebacic acid derived from castor oil areamong the most dominant raw materials used in the production of bio based polyamide. Owing to the eco logical benefits, bio based polyamides are gaining acceptance and are anticipated to be the fastest growing product segment during the forecast period.Sebacic_acid_3D_ball

Asia Pacific dominates the global demand for bio-polyamide, specialty polyamide andprecursors and the trend is expected to continue during the forecast period.


Novel Surgical Sealant Could Make Sutures Obsolete

A new surgical glue is based on a proprietary polymer that demonstrates superior biocompatibility, tunable bioresorbability and adjustable tissue adherence.logo_gecko_10emeretourv2

The Gecko Biomedical (Paris, France) SETALUM Sealant is a hydrophobic light-activated adhesive (HLAA) designed for both wet and dynamic environments as an add-on to sutures during minimally invasive vascular surgery.

Unique chemical and physical properties include high viscosity, hydrophobicity, and on demand curing. The adhesive, which is based on a mixture of easily metabolized glycerol and sebacic acid, can be brushed on a biological surface and set in seconds with a short application of ultraviolet (UV) light.


Safilo Launches Eco-friendly Glasses for Children

Italian eyewear company Safilo has launched a collection of eco-friendly glasses for children.safilo

The frames, which have been co-designed with paediatric ophthalmologists, are composed of two bio-based polymers, both derived from castor oil – a natural renewable source. The first bio-polymer gives the styles rigidity and strength, while the second ensures comfort and safety for the child.


ÛS Launches Debut Eyewear Collection

ÛS, a collective of artists, designers, riders and makers with a shared love for the outdoors, launches their debut eyewear collection through Kickstarter. Starting with using the most eco-friendly materials available, ÛS is out to prove that a planet-first philosophy belongs at the core of every business.US eyewear

ÛS frames are made exclusively with injected-molded RILSAN® CLEAR which utilizes 65% bio-based raw materials, reducing dependence on petroleum-based plastics and overall CO2 emissions. Castor seed oil is polymerized into a high performance resin that’s incredibly lightweight, flexible, yet tough, and BPA free.


Tierra Introduces New 100% Bio-based Jacket

Tierra, a Swedish outdoor apparel brand, committed to sustainability and lowering environmental impact, is introducing its new Deterra Jacket, a technical jacket that is fully free from fossil based material and uses exclusively bio-based elements.tierra_log_x2

The exterior fabric is made with Evo by Fulgar, a polyamide produced from castor oil, while the padding is in wool from German sheep and Tencel yarn derived from wood cellulose. Finally, the buttons are in corozo nut from the Tagua palm, and the hood fastens with a simple knot instead of the usual plastic stopper. The jacket is available in two versions, Deterra Hood Jacket and Deterra Shirt Jacket.


Castable Polymers made from Castor Beans could Replace Conventional Plastics

Super-tough materials derived from inedible plants are lightweight, renewable and strong enough to use in vehicles

A new polymer blend made from castor beans is stronger and lighter than conventional structural materials, and researchers say it could improve the safety and fuel efficiency of cars.Castor-Oil-Seeds2

Castor beans are notorious for containing the poison ricin, but it’s possible to turn them into polyamide 11, a thermoplastic from the nylon family of polymers. Now, scientists from Japan have developed a super-strong polymer blend by mixing polyamide 11 with the common household plastic polypropylene, that could replace many of the plastics we use today.

Biobased PA 6.10 Compounds Added to Portfolio of BioFed

German biodegradable and biobased plastics producer Bio-Fed  has added renewable resource-based polyamide compounds, the “MVera ECS” products, to its portfolio. The main focus of Bio-Fed is on compostable and biodegradable plastic compounds for film applications as well as injection moulding.bio-fed

The new PA 6.10 fulfils the standard definition of a bioplastic since it is made up of approximately 60% renewable resources. Castor oil, derived from the seeds of the plant Ricinuns communis, forms the basis of sebacic acid, which is the product’s renewable raw material content.


Arkema to Invest in New Bio-based Nylon Production

Arkema has planned to invest 300 million euros for expansion of its bio sourced nylon 11 production in Asia. By establishing this plant, the company would increase the global production of bio sourced nylon 11 by 50%.Logotype_arkema

The new plant, which will produce both the amino 11 monomer and its polymer, is expected to come on stream in late 2021. The products to be produced would find applications in electronics, 3D printing and automotive industries.