New Castor Oil Based Wood Adhesives

Recent study shows production of wood adhesives from castor oil.

Commonly used wood adhesives were anima (hide) glue, urea-formaldehyde resin adhesives, resorcinol-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde, polyurethane, castor-oil-800067etc.

Now scientists from Iran have conducted an experiment to produce polyester polyols, which is an important compound in polymeric polyurethane adhesives, from castor oil. The polyester polyols were synthesized condensation polymerization of different dicarboxylic acids with castor oil.

Characterization studies were also carried out to determine the shear strength value in various conditions such as cold water, hot water, acid and alkali solutions.


Castor Beans: An Ideal Clean Biodiesel Feedstock

Earth Gen Biofuel expects that the worldwide demand for castor beans would increase for the next 10 years.

The ever expanding end uses of castor oil and its derivatives are the key drivers for increase in world castor seed production. The demand exceeds the current castor Castor-Oil-Seeds-Tradersseed production by a wide margin. These facts and EarthGen’s goal of becoming one of the largest US-based growers of castor beans have paved the way for the company’s expansion goals.

The company plans to start castor bean operations in South America and US. It also include adding 4000 acres of castor bean farms in Laos over the next two years.


Castor Price Trades Flat in Rajkot

Castor prices traded almost flat on the back of good demand and sufficient supply. There was good demand from exporters of castor oil on which crushers bought heavily.Castor-Oil-Seeds2

According to SEA data, during April-February 2015-16, castor oil export increased to 4.34 lakh tonnes as against 4 lakh tonnes in corresponding period last year.


Castor Bean Harvest in Full Swing in Tamil Nadu

Harvest of castor beans is being carried out in almost all the hamlets in Pachaimalai. The harvest process is being carried out only during late afternoon after allowing the seeds to dry. The oilseed is grown as an intercrop on the boundaries of tapioca farms along castor-seeds_10421148_250x250with local seeds.

Lack of attractive price for castor had forced the farmers to reduce the area under cultivation. An estimated 40 hectares has been brought under castor cultivation as against 200 hectares till a decade ago.