Castor Seed Price Weekly Report: Apr 18 – 23, 2016 brings you the weekly report of castor seed price at Bombay Commodities Exchange.

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Price Date Rupees Per Quintal
19 Apr 3200
20 Apr 3200
21 Apr 3225
22 Apr 3225
23 Apr 3250

Castor Seed Price Weekly Report: Apr 18 – 23, 2016


Castor Declines on Higher Arrival

Castor prices reduced in spot market owing to higher arrival of the seed. However, the castor prices increased in futures owing to hope of rise in demand in the coming Castor-Oil-Seeds2days.

About 1.10 lakh bags of castor seed arrived in Gujarat, while about 4,500 bags arrived in Saurashtra. At the Rajkot Commodity Exchange, the castor June contract increased while the castor spot market decreased.


New Castor Oil-based Polymeric Surfactants

Recent study has found new castor oil based polymeric surfactants.

Polymeric surfactants are polymeric substances which tend to reduce surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved.

Now scientists from China have conducted an experiment to produce castor oil based polymeric surfactants. Dehydrated castor oil was epoxidized using phosphoric acid and acetic acid to produce epoxidized castor oil. Ring opening polymerization surfactantmethod was followed with to produce polymerized epoxidized castor oil (PECO) and hydrolysed PECO (HPECO).

Characterization studies showed that castor oil based polymeric surfactants exhibited high efficiency to reduce the surface tension of water.


New Castor Oil based Copolymers for Surface Coating Applications

Recent study finds castor oil sourced copolymers for surface coating applications.

Scientists from India have performed the experiment where acrylic polyols comprising castor oil derived hydroxy functional acrylic copolymers were synthesized by co-reacting imagesmodified hydroxy functional castor oil with a variety of acrylic monomers. Solution polymerization method was followed in the presence of an inhibitor.

The synthesized resins when cured with suitable amino-resin cross-linkers provided tough, glossy and weather resistant coatings.


New Castor Oil based Antistatic and Anticorrosive Materials

Recent study has found the use of castor oil as antistatic and anticorrosive materials.

Antistatic property is defined as the fast dissipation of static electricity (static charge). It is evaluated using two measures – surface resistance and half-life. The lower the surface resistance (Ω), the higher the antistatic property; and the shorter the half-life (s), the higher the antistatic property.

A previous study conducted by scientists from Korea in 2004, has found that waterborne -polyurethane coating materials containing conductive polyaniline blend films showed castor oil polyurethanereduced antistatic half-life.

Now, scientists from Korea and India have prepared castor oil-based waterborne polyurethane/polyaniline (COWPU/PAni) conducting polymer blend films. The waterborne polyurethane synthesized from isophorone diisocyanate was reacted with castor oil to form prepolymers. Also, COWPU/PAni hybrid dispersions were synthesized to make different conductive composites.

Characteristic studies showed that COWPU/PAni conducting blend films could be used as antistatic and anticorrosive coating materials.