Play off between castor oil and bio-components of human intestine

It is not astonishing to see the action of this oil from castor seed on administration of it as a remedy to gastro-intestinal disorders across humans of all the ages in the world. Even then mystery with castor oil has remained all throughout the ages over the way this edible laxative works in physical system to display conditions of stool emergency. With science as a tool for facts, researchers at a German centre, The Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research finally have unraveled the mode by which castor oil expresses its functionality in the human body. Authours of the study report that it is exciting to watch that cells in intestine harbours a receptive protein called, EP3 that recognizes the ingested castor oil and mediates cells and their constituents to elicit the laxative effect. Following a robust experimental analysis in animal models to attribute the sensory factors of castor oil derived ricinoleic acid, scientific experts and critical analysts believe that there could be a modulation brought about in the human body to selectively harvest the therapeutic activities and avoiding irritating side effects from castor oil.

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Castor oil to aid healing of wounds and cuts

It is obvious to us that several plants act as excellent sources of chemicals with medicinal value which dwell either in a definite organ or whole bio-system.Castor seed oils are not an exception to this storage nature of plants where constituents in it tend to display therapeutic activities to cure the physical discomforts directly or indirectly.

With continued scope for natural products in global pharma divisions, a recent press release from firm, Morinda Bioactives, USA which it claims to be specialized in formulation of drugs on phyto-chemicals has reported that its launch of a new stream of drugs called Shield Biomedicals at International Leadership Conference Salt Lake City, Utah, contain castor oil derived chemicals as base ingredients to contribute for moisture retention function. As per the manufacturer’ statement, their ointment formulation with castor oil is a home remedy to wounds and burns etc with pain relieving properties.

Information source such as this keeps boosting the potential of castor oil in high value market sectors which the producer nations should realize well to upgrade their line of products from this vegetable oil, gifted for industries.

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Castor cultivation for Cambodian regional progression

Industrially vital Castor plant continues to expand its geographical horizon in Asiatic agro zones with business proposals to develop from it a stable supply chain for demands and sustainability. It can be exemplified from Cambodia where a 10 year business development plan to establishment a firm called “Adalidda Castor”, the first of its type, will be operating on integrated supply chain aspects of Castor cultivation and oil extraction etc. Project developers have indicated that the cost for establishment of firm would be US$ 16 million and initiatives include castor cultivation on 20,000 hectares of land, oil processing and contact farming with locals. This Castor project is a joint venture between a consultancy in Cambodia and a venture capital company according to sources and execution of it would be made in two phases.

It is exciting to note that “Adalidda Castor” project has provisions for crop management  by software systems and optimistic developers of the study say that benefits could be reaped through direct employment for 719 people, revenues for 20,000 households in contract farming, capacity building for farm workers and their families through education and medical facilities, apart from principal investors and other stakeholders’ advantages in the supply chain.

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