Lower Output Pushes Castor Prices Up 21% This Month

Prices of castor seed continue to increase due to lower production and expectation of good export demand for castor oil and meal in the coming months.Castor-Oil-Seeds2

Seed prices have already reached a two-year at NCDEX and physical markets. In the physical markets, seed prices have already risen 21.3 per cent during March itself.

Currently, about 90,000-100,000 bags (each 60 kg) of seed are coming to the markets, mainly in Gujarat and the price of the commodity is Rs 4,830 a quintal.


Adani Wilmar Looks To Break India’s High-End Castor Oil Derivatives Jinx

India, the market leader in production and supply of castor seed and castor oil may soon capture a major share in castor derivatives market with companies like Adani Wilmar and Royal Castor Products engaging in second- and third-generation castor seed and castor oil derivatives production and exports.castor-oil-800067

According to industry experts, high technology cost has been the major reason for India in not capturing a large share of the global derivatives market. In the derivatives segment, there is a huge potential for India and focusing more on marketing also could help India shine in castor derivatives market.


SEA Launches Pilot Project to Increase Castor seed Yield

Castor-Oil-Seeds2SEA has launched a pilot project in Gujarat to help farmers increase the productivity of castor seeds to 2,000 kg per hectare from the current average yield of 1,200-1,400 kg a hectare.

The model farm would be supervised by the agriculture scientists and progressive farmers. The beneficial results will motivate many farmers to replicate good practices demonstrated at the model farm and achieve higher yield.


Wish to Purchase Castor Oil Derivatives from India?

Wish to Purchase Castor Oil Derivatives from India?

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Castor Seed Price Weekly Report: May 09 – 13, 2016

CastorOil.in brings you the weekly report of castor seed price at Bombay Commodities Exchange.

Check out the table and the graphical data.

The closing price in the last week was Rs. 3250. This week, there was not much change in the price of castor seed. In general, the prices of castor seed had reduced this week, compared to last week.

Price Date Rupees Per Quintal
09 May 3240
10 May 3225
11 May 3215
12 May 3225
13 May 3240

Castor Seed Price Weekly Report: May 09 – 13, 2016


Castor Price Trades Flat in Rajkot

Castor prices traded almost flat on the back of good demand and sufficient supply. There was good demand from exporters of castor oil on which crushers bought heavily.Castor-Oil-Seeds2

According to SEA data, during April-February 2015-16, castor oil export increased to 4.34 lakh tonnes as against 4 lakh tonnes in corresponding period last year.


Castor Bean Harvest in Full Swing in Tamil Nadu

Harvest of castor beans is being carried out in almost all the hamlets in Pachaimalai. The harvest process is being carried out only during late afternoon after allowing the seeds to dry. The oilseed is grown as an intercrop on the boundaries of tapioca farms along castor-seeds_10421148_250x250with local seeds.

Lack of attractive price for castor had forced the farmers to reduce the area under cultivation. An estimated 40 hectares has been brought under castor cultivation as against 200 hectares till a decade ago.