Castor seed Price Increases on Supply Crunch

Castor seed price has increased due to increase in demand and short supply. The supply of castor seed  has declined in the past one week. In GujaratCastor Seeds, castor seeds were priced at Rs. 795-805 per 20 kg. In Saurashtra, it was priced at Rs. 775-785 per 20 kg.

On the NCDEX and RCX, the castor seed futures declined while there was an increase in the castor spot prices on RCX.


Preparation of Functionalized Castor Oil Derivatives with Tunable Physical Properties Using Heterogeneous Acid and Base Catalysts

Scientists from India conducted an experiment to prepare functionalized castor oil derivatives with tunable physical properties by using heterogeneous acid and base catalysts. Epoxidized castor oil (ECO) was used as a raw material to prepCastor oilare the different functionalized castor oil derivatives namely ring-opened glyceryl ricinoleates, epoxy alkyl ricinoleates, and ring-opened alkyl ricinoleates, using two chemical reactions, ring opening and transesterification.

Among several acid catalysts screened, Amberlyst 15 showed maximum conversion for ring opening of ECO with methanol. By using CaAl-layered double hydroxide (LDH) derived oxides as base catalyst, maximum yield of epoxy alkyl ricinoleates were obtained through transesterification of ECO. The physical properties of these derivatives can be used to design tailor-make material for industrial needs.