Novel Zwitterionic Surfactant Derived from Castor Oil and its Performance Evaluation for Oil Recovery

Researchers from China performed an experiment to prepare a novel zwitterionic surfactant from castor oil. The novel zwitterionic surfactant was prepared uCastor oilsing a high yield route and its performance for oil recovery was analyzed.

Experimental results showed that the biobased surfactant exhibited strong electrolyte tolerance, temperature resistance, and thermo stability, better wetting and foaming performance, which implies that biobased surfactants could be of great potential to replace traditional petroleum based surfactants.


Epoxidation and Polymerization of Acrylated Castor Oil

Scientists from Turkey conducted a study to investigate a new type of bifunctional Castor oilmonomer obtained from castor oil. Castor oil was first reacted with acryloyl chloride to obtain acrylated castor oil. Epoxidized acrylated castor oil obtained after epoxidation reaction was characterized using various techniques.

After characterization, homo and block copolymers were synthesized and evaluated. It was observed that epoxidized acrylated castor oil copolymer showed higher storage modulus and higher thermal stability.