National Spot Exchange (NSEL) Possesses 1.04 lakh Tonnes of Castor Seed in Gujarat –

National Spot Exchange (NSEL), India has confirmed having 1.04 lakh tonnes of castor seed stock at Kadi, Gujarat, with an overall storage capacity of 1.2 Lakh tonnes.

NSEL said that the existing stock of 1.04 lakh tonnes is for 6715 participants who actively use NSEL’s online facility to trade in castor seed. Further, there are four leading caster seed crushers, processors and exporters in India and Jayant Agro Organics and N K Industries are the leading exporters using NSEL platform.

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Undecylenic Acid in the treatment of Candidaisis

Undecylenic acid, a fatty acid derivative  that comes from castor bean has a natural anti-fungal nutrient that can be found in many cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other personal care products.

In a study on denture linings, it has been identified that undecylenic acid inhibited not only the growth of Candida albicans but also prevented it from converting to its hyphal form.The hyphae form of a yeast like Candida is more aggressive and symptomatic that the simple yeast form. The properties of undecylenic acid can be used to halt Candida’s growth and conversion to hyphae.

Castor Oil Commercial Prices – July 2013

Castorseeds bold and castor oil commercial prices recovered in an otherwise lacklustre oils and oilseeds Vashi Wholesale market  on renewed demand from shippers and soap industries.

The Castorseeds futures market rates were unavailable.In the non-edible section, castorseeds bold climbed by Rs 25 per 100kg to Rs 3,475 from Monday’s closing level of Rs 3,450 and castor oil commercial moved up by Rs 5 per 10kg to Rs 725 as compared to Rs 720 yesterday. However, linseeds oil closed unchanged at Rs 730 per 10kg.

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