Castor Oil Based Detergents Shown To Be Effective In Controlling Microorganisms

A research study was conducted to evaluate the effect of a castor oil-based detergent on strawberry crops treated with different classes of pesticides. Experimental crops of greenhouse strawberries were cultivated in five different ways with control groups using pesticides and castor oil-based detergent. The results showed that the crops when treated with castor oil-based detergent, presented the lowest amount of pesticide residues and the highest quality of fruit produced.

The research and use of castor oil-based detergent is still incipient,but the results are highly promising in view of its apparent efficiency in the control of microorganisms, its low toxicity and its low cost in Brazil. For the other hand, it could represent an excellent alternative to control a wide range of organisms, since it is environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-resistible to botanical insecticides, and its cost is low.

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