BMW Uses Castor Biopolymer for the Sustainable Electric Car Manufacture

BMW recently introduced its new BMW i3 electric car, constructed from the next-generation materials. The car is made of carbon fibre and reinforced plastics on a light aluminium chassis to reduce weight. The source material of the electric car’s key is also sustainable and is based on a biopolymer obtained from castor oil pressed from castor seeds.

Some of the car’s sustainability features:

1. Dashboard wood trim crafted from responsibly-forested eucalyptus.

  • Instrument panel surround and door trim use fibers from Kenaf plant
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof panel is made partially with recycled CFRP from manufacturing process of other component
  • 25% of plastic used in interior comprised of recycled materials.

2. CFRP components are sustainably produced in Moses Lake, WA, USA, where the factory uses hydroelectric power.

3. Olive-leaf extract is used to tan interior leather surfaces.

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