Sebacic Acid For Type 2 DiabetesTreatment

Researchers at Nestle – a leading Swiz based nutrition and health company – had discovered that sebacic acid (a 10-carbon dicarboxylic acid and a derivative of castor oil) significantly reduced hyperglycemia  in type 2 diabetic subjects.

Researchers first conducted a study with people with type 2 diabetes. The men and women were given a meal containing 0g sebacic acid (control), 10g of sebacic acid in addition to the meal, or 23g of sebacic acid in substitution of fat in the meal. Researchers were interested to find that postprandial glycemia decreased by 42% in the group given the 10g sebacic acid, while the group who consumed 23g experienced a 70% decrease. Additionally, the rate of peripheral glucose appearance was significantly reduced in the 23g sebacic acid group, suggesting decreased glucose absorption and/or improved peripheral glucose uptake.

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