Castor Bean Plant – An Important Source for Bio based Flooring

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This post at briefs a few excerpts from an article at the Contract Flooring Journal, which was narrated on biobased flooring. The author explains his experience at Ecobuild, which is one of the world’s biggest events for sustainable design, construction and the built environment and presents interesting insights on biobased flooring and sustainability.

The author sees castor bean plant as one of the most important plant sources of bio-chemicals. Some of the companies using castor based flooring products, which exhibited at the show include :

  • Interface- Fotosfera ( Offers two pile weight micro tufted or pattern loop carpet tile products which features nylon 6:10 pile of which 63% is castor oil based)
  • Vorwerk (Offers ‘RE/COVER green’ which is a bio chemical based resilient florring targetted at the vinyl flooring market)

The author also brings his views on Desso, a company which makes its products, using the concept of “CRADLE TO CRADLE” – ( A biomimetic approach to the design of products and systems) Desso has partnered with Aquafil nylon recycling facility and manufactures Econyl, a 100% recycled yarn in 60% of its carpet tile range. Desso has also developed its equipment and capability to process more than 3000 tonnes of used carpet material through its Take Back Programme.

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