High Yield Castor Varieties in India

While India currently average about 1 T/hectare per year for castor seeds, there is potential for much higher yield.

As part of the research to increase yields, efforts have been going on in India for high yielding varieties of castor.

The table below shows the various high yielding castor varieties produced by different states across India.

State Variety Hybrid
Andhra Pradesh Aruna, Bhagya, Sowbhagya, Kranti (PCS-4), Jwala, DCS-9
(Jyothi), Kiran (PCS-136), Haritha (PCS-124).
Uttar Pradesh Kalpi-6, T-3, T-4
Gujarat GAUC-1, VI-9, S-20, J-1andGCH 7 CH-1, GCH-2, GCH-3, GCH6, SHB-145, GCH-7 and(SKP 84 x SKI 215
Tamil Nadu TMV-1, TMV-2, TMV-3, TMV-5, SA-1, SA-2, TMV-4,Jyothi, CO-1 TMVCH-1and TMVCG*
Karnataka Jwala (48-1), RC-8, Jyothi
Maharashtra AKC-1, Girija GCH-6
Rajasthan GCH-6, RHC-1
Haryana CH-1
Punjab Pb. No.1
For all states Gujarat Castor-2 DCH-32 (Deepti)DCH-177 (Deepak)GCH-4, GCH-5, DCH 519
For entire country DCH 519 M 574 x DCS 78