Biodegradable Plastics – Market and Development Trends

According to the European Bioplastics Association, the global capacity of biodegradable plastics increased from 514,000 t/a in 2011 to 637,000 t/a in 2012, a increase of 28.39%. It is estimated that the global production capacity of biodegradable plastic will reach 776,000 t/a in 2013 and may reach 1,646,000 t/a by 2016. Meanwhile, the market demand for biodegradable plastics rises year by year and its growth rate is always seen higher than that of the production capacity.

Sources quote three main reasons from this rapid development of biodegradable plastic market:
1. Considerable increase in the amount of biodegradable plastics used in the general products.
2. The application scope of biodegradable plastics expanded from general products to durable products.
3. Using non-grain raw materials to produce biodegradable plastics

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