Castor Helps Sugarcane Farmers in Erode, Tamilnadu

Sugarcane farmers of Andiyur village in Erode district, Tamilnadu, India use castor solution to trap pests that  invades the root system of the crops and the plants.  Farmers there face a recurring pest problem called white grub that makes it difficult for them to harvest a good yield. Managing the pest proves difficult for the groundnut cultivators as the grub lives under the soil and its life cycle takes a year to complete. One of the farmers then accidentally got the idea of using castor seeds as an effective trap for the insects.

Some five litre mud pots are buried till the neck at different places in the field, pulverised with about 5kg of castor seed and mixed with five litres of water. The solution was kept undisturbed in a plastic drum for 10 days.

On the 11th day two litres of this liquid is poured in all the buried pots and  is filled with water till the neck portion. The odour that comes out from the pot attracts the pest towards it.

In addition to white grub this solution is also found effective to control the notorious rhinoceros beetle that infests coconut trees.

In fact, coconut growers are well aware about the rhino beetle and its damage to fronds and small nuts. This method is a good way of controlling it and does not require a big investment.

The mud pot with the solution needs to be buried near the trunk of the tree and attracted by the odour from the pot the insects come towards it and fall into the pot and die.

Collect the dead insects found floating in the pot once every 2 days and keep filling the pot with solution whenever the quantity gets reduced. The solution can be kept for a period of three months,

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