Undecylenic Acid Market to Grow at a CAGR of 5.8% by Value

Global undecylenic acid market size was estimated at over 170 kilo tons in 2015 and is likely to exceed 240 kilo tons by 2023, growing at a CAGR of over 4.2%. This market is was worth over USD 310 million in 2015 and is likely to be valued more than USD 520 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of over 5.8%.undecylenic-acid

FDA approval for medical applications is likely to favor undecylenic acid market growth over the forecast period. It is also used against candida infection and also relives irritation, itching and burning sensations on skin.


Bioplastics Market & Strategy Consulting – from Bioplastics Guide

EAI, the parent company of CastorOil.in, had been studying the bioplastics industry for the past few years and in the recent past we had the opportunity to look at the sector, in India and worldwide at close quarters.

Based on these, we have put together an exclusive team to provide strategic and market consulting for the global bioplastics industry.

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Jamaica Conducting Study on Castor Oil Industry

Jamaica has undertaken a study on the local castor oil industry as the country moves to take advantage of a global market expected to value an estimated US$1.81 imagesbillion by 2020.

The study was commissioned by the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) and examined recommendations for development and steps to capitalise on the Jamaica Black Castor Oil value chain.


Global Castor Oil and Derivatives Market Expected to Increase by 2020

Castor oil and derivatives market has been growing at a good pace over the past few years on account of growing demand for bio-degradable products.

Recent market study has shown that increasing application scope of castor oil and derivatives in major end-use industries including pharmaceuticals, imagescosmetics & personal care, plastics & resins is expected to drive the castor oil market in future.

Shift in focus towards castor oil and derivatives due to stringent regulation from government boards such as EPA and PNGRB is also likely to create opportunity for market players.


Castor Seed Price Weekly Report: Apr 18 – 23, 2016

CastorOil.in brings you the weekly report of castor seed price at Bombay Commodities Exchange.

Check out the table and the graphical data.

Price Date Rupees Per Quintal
19 Apr 3200
20 Apr 3200
21 Apr 3225
22 Apr 3225
23 Apr 3250

Castor Seed Price Weekly Report: Apr 18 – 23, 2016


Castor Oil and Meal Prices – Feb 1 – 5, 2016

CastorOil.in brings you the weekly report of castor oil and meal prices at Bombay Commodities Exchange.

Check out the table and the graphical data.

Date Castor commercial oil Prices US$/MT Castor Meal US$/MT
1 Feb 2016 948
2 Feb 2016 970 70
3 Feb 2016 977 70
4 Feb 2016 984 70
5 Feb 2016 977 70


castor oil and meal prices - feb 1 to 5, 2016


Castor Oil Exports to Rise 33% This Year

India’s castor oil exports are likely to increase and hit 570,000 tonnes this year due to an increasing demand from America, China and European Union. The rising demand could affect the availability in Indian market due to the shortage of Castor Oil Plantoutput.

Castor seed for delivery is currently trading at the rate of Rs. 3690/quintal. In the spot market the seed is selling at the rate of Rs. 3565/quintal in Gujarat.


Global Castor Oil and Derivatives Market to Reach $1.81 Billion by 2020

Owing to the rapid growth of biodiesel, lubricants and cosmetics industries, the growth of castor oil and derivatives market is expected to reach $1.81 billion by 2020. A strong Castor oil and Castor oil derivativesshift of volatile crude oil prices towards the substitution of conventional fuels by biofuels has also a positive influence on the growth of castor oil market.

Castor wax industry is expected to reach the highest growth rate of CAGR of 5.8% from 2014 to 2020. Also, the growth of personal care industry, particularly in Asia Pacific and Latin America is expected to increase over the next 6 years.


Possible Solution to Overcome Price and Supply Volatility Challenge

With India dominating castor production with over 80% of the total global production, it gives rise to a number of constraints and challenges. One of them being the price and supply volatility owing to the entire world depending on one country for supplies.

Thus, one of the ways to overcome the price and supply volatility challenge is to increase the geographical diversity of cultivation.

Emerging Geographies are


  • Mexico


  • Ethiopia
  • Angola
  • South Africa

Asia & Middle East

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Israel

Price and Volatility Challenges in Castor Industry

One of the key challenges faced in the castor industry is the price and volatility challenges.

This blog post looks briefly at why this challenge exists and how it affects the industry.

The main reasons for price volatility are:

  • One country dominating production, and one state dominating within the country
    • Drastic changes in area under cultivation owing to unorganized nature of farming
    • Significant changes in seed output owing to natural causes
    • Depleting stocks or surplus stock owing to carry forward
  • Fluctuating demand from export markets – the cause of this is to a certain extent the previous point

Price and Supply volatility can significantly affect the market growth and potential of castor industry as shown below.